Cheering Boston, the home team

USA has four major sports to follow and talk about all the time. Baseball, Ice Hockey, American Football and Basketball, if I got those right. So this post if about the first live basketball game I went to. The players are really really tall, maybe 7 fet tall each.
Packed stadium
Stadium is packed. Especially since I went to see the home team play.
Boston Celtics vs Chicago Bulls.
Boston Celtics put up a great show. Chicago Bulls, an even better game. Derrick Rose played a great hero for his team. And all this I learnt on the fly as I watched the game, learned the teams and the game rules
Every Timeout called had a filler by cheer leaders and ever quater break was a show by cheer leaders and kids.
Fun way to spend a winter evening indoors!


  1. You are better than me- you have been to a basket ball game!!! WOW! You'll have to teach me all the rules :)

  2. Hey there.. I just know the basic set of rules and I kind of picked them up at the game. We could do a game together sometime. :) what say?


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