Fenway Park, the ball park culture

As a fresh-off-boat desi in USA, I had no clue what a ball park was up till a month back. Ofcourse, I knew baseball was a big time sport in the US. Just had to connect dots to make the ball park mean what I understood as a baseball stadium. I am talking of the legendary ballpark of Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park.
Boston's famous base ball team

The ball park is huge. The present location of Fenway Park was once a swamp and it had to be filled to make it usable as a ball park. Most of the ballpark's history revolves around Boston's Red Sox team, how they were bought by many owners, how the players were sold off for money to save the park and so on.

TRIVIA And guess who was the biggest rival team for the last hundres years? New York Yankees! The same team that bought Red Sox' best players.

View from the season ticket holder's section.
TRIVIA Red Sox was a later name. The original name of the baseball team was "Red Stockings".

Because they wore red stockings as a part of the team uniform. So cheesy, right? Gladly, they were shortened to Red Sox.

The manual score board which operates even to this day is above. The guy peeping in to see what's inside is the only tiny little hole for the score changers to look through before they can update scores live during the base ball game.
 Fenway Park


  1. See, I didn't know any of this!!! Thanks for teaching me about all this baseball stuff :)

    Are you here to stay??? My only sadness is that you are on the other side of this country! Please do try to get down to Cape Cod- there is a Bed and Breakfast there run by Alexandra Grabbe- she writes the Chezsven Blog- book some nice 'get away time' in her B&B...enjoy your time there!!


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