Photo Essay : No Museum shall bore in DC

Adding to the title, not all museums can be completed in one trip. There are so many museums and so much variety in Washington DC that one day, one week or one trip is just not enough to complete viewing. List of museums is exhaustive and can lead to monotony if you try to squeeze in too many but the experience is overwhelming.

Museum of American Indian
Native Indian Art
American Indian Tribal Tent
 National Gallery of Art
An Original Monet

National Gallery of Art - Sculpture Garden

Museum of African Art
Robe/ Head gear
Nigerian art

Museum of Natural History
Check out the huge dinosaur fossil
The best thing about all these beautiful museums is FREE entry. You could run out of time and never be able to do all of them if on holiday mode. But the museums are so unique, each one will consume your full attention and if you dont don't keep track, time too. Enjoy!


  1. So many museums- so much to see!! I loved the photos- did you see the exhibit of all the first ladies and their dresses?

    1. No, missed that one I guess :( We pretty much picked the museums from the map

  2. Yeah! Museums are good places to pass time and gain knowledge!


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