Weekend Getaway - Newport, RI

Weekend trip itinerary
M and I were off to Newport, Rhode Island last weekend. Now we live in Massachusetts which is a tiny state in North eastern USA. Tinier than Mass is Rhode Island to the south of MA. On interstate highway or freeway as people USA calls it, the journey is a mere hour long, which makes RI a quick getaway for people like us in Boston.

Trivia Some small little states like these in the north east together are called New England.

But why Newport? True, it is not NYC but Newport has many a thing for the first timers. Being a big-loud-crammed-city girl all life, I love the idea of quaint little towns, slow and spaced out. So here's the weekend agenda

Morning- rent a car for two days and drive down south on the interstate
Sweet is the word for this place. Pell bridge across two protruding pieces of land in Atlantic ocean looks so beautiful on a clear day that it could pass off as grand as the Brooklyn bridge.
Pell Bridge
Noon- reach Newport, check in to the hotel and head to the historic center if the town for lunch.
Sweet is the word for this place. Pell bridge across two protruding pieces of land in Atlantic ocean looks so beautiful on a clear day that it could pass off as grand as the Brooklyn bridge.
Newport town had single storied buildings and each of a dramatic color. Some old school Irish pubs, Italian restaurants and regular's bar and restaurants; where the bartender greets you by first name when you enter and chats with you about a local game on TV. Thats what I like about small towns.

Cobbled streets and doll house like buildings
Evening- Walk along the wharf, pier and boat docks. Though I am a inland city girl and completely clueless about wharfs and piers, being in sea facing cities for a year has gotten me used to these terms. Bowen's wharf is bright and on a clear day, just right to soak the sun. And why not? The weather has been exceptionally warm and friendly off late.
Bowen's Wharf
Night- Have a margarita and head to a local casino. That's right. Newport, a small town has its own casino, originally started for the players from the Hall of Fame.

Morning- Healthy, hearty, over loading breakfast and head to International Tennis Hall of Fame. If Newport, RI is famous for one thing, it would be this. Located right in the heart of the town, the Hall of Fame museum is a complete tennis addict's show. But, as a non-tennnis player and non-sport's addict, I still found the International Hall of Fame interesting. Afterall, Tennis is a game that played on TV when we were growing up with just one TV channel. So Steffi Graf, Sabatini, Navratilova, Monica Seles all ring bells and keep the ball bouncing.
Noon- Oh! I can't really say this. But I spent the sunday afternoon at Newport Creamery. It is such a heaven for kids. They were all having a ball ordering icecreams of choice. I just blended into the crowd and enjoyed the brownie-chocolate icecream-fudge creation I ordered.

Evening- Walk the 3.5 mile Cliff Walk. It stretched all along the Newport cliff lining the Old England style mansions. Late afternoons are a treat in the northern hemisphere. Esp, in countries where sun goes down around 4-5 pm. The sun is just warm, birds flying, lots of walkers, a real wavy beach of the Atlantic next to you, good fun!


  1. Okay, I admit it- I'm truly JEALOUS of you right now- you are living my dream!!!! AAAAHHHH!!! :) Thank you though for posting all the pics and writing about your trip to Rhode Island- because it is the second best thing to actually getting to go myself!!! Please post more about your trips and jaunts while you are in Massachusetts. I love it!

  2. Nice post Sneha.



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