Beach on a Cloudy day?

 If you already planned a vacation, got to the destination and it started to get cloudy., don't fret. Clouds and Rain aren't meant to rob off your holiday spirit. Anything natural would just add up to your holiday spirit.
Last year, I was in Phuket, a place I always wanted to travel to. And the weekend we were there, it was very cloudy, mostly raining and slushy roads. Most of the roads are commercialized and sales people stalk you to enter their shops. In the middle of all this, I wanted to enjoy my trip, which was a long time's wish.

What I did realize was, you can;t control people or nature. What you can control is how you spend your time, where you go and what memories you create for yourself.
We went to a beautiful gold resort in north Phuket, close to the airport and there we were: the rain had only made its grounds greener, clouds had made golfing pleasanter! One of the loveliest holiday afternoons in my life was on this cloudy/slushy day. Who says weather can play spoilsport? I say, be a sport!


  1. Beautiful picture. I like clody days when I am photographing!

  2. Beautiful pic. Is that a golf course?

  3. Amazing photography...


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