Out of a fairytale in Vermont

Imagine driving from a cold dry place in North Eastern USA, and just driving past light snow. Snow, when you expected and had none, can be pretty amusing. Boston, which is supposed to be super cold didn't really have all the inches of snow this winter and driving through New Hampshire gave me the beautiful sight of two-lane freeways with snow, ice and all white.

If New Hampshire was that good, further up north, Vermont was a fairy land. It is exactly one of those beautiful pristine areas. Constantly snowing in the first week of March, the snow was not harsh but just the right kind to create great ski slopes of the valleys.

Way down from Bolton Valley, Vermont
If I see a pathway trailing off a mountain highway, seemingly to a hill side cottage/ home, trees lining its sides., and all this coved in snow, there is just one way I would describe it. Out of a Fairytale. That's what Vermont will be in my memory.


  1. Wonderful captures Sneha.


  2. wow….


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