Peace after Chaos, Batu Ferringhi

 Batu Ferringhi beach is one of the most peaceful beaches I have visited last year. In Penang Island, Malaysia, the name means Foreigner's rock. And holds good to its name. There are more foreigner tourists inhabiting the beach than Malaysians. And despite the beach side cafes and luxury hotels, the cleanliness and calm of the beach is commendable. After a long stretch of crowded markets in Penang, I was pleasantly surprised by the almost non-existence of tourist stalkers in Batu Ferringhi.
Long walks on a calm beach
 Early April might have been off season for the beach vacationers. There were a few locals trying to get some business for their cold drinks, parasailing or jetski. But the few people at the beach would rather chill by themselves.
Clear beach with a few tiny businesses
 The most relaxing time is the one you spend doing what you do best. Though doing nothing is among everybody's best, I would stil rate it my second best. Chilling and taking in the beautiful sunset at a beach, however, ranks on the top of my list.
Just the right beach activuty


  1. This was one of my favorite beaches when I lived in Penang. Glad to hear it has retained its beauty.

  2. Nice place.

  3. amazing pics !!


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