The Big Apple

Alright, I was in NYC again. New York City, the Big Apple, the melting pot of cultures and all those fine things. But in the day, there is mostly high rises and busy people. That's what I watched this time. Sat down on a bench in Madison Avenue and watched busy office goers and really busy office goers. Girls in flat shoes running to work, girls in high stilettos walking casually for coffee, men sitting in the sun and catching a book. It was great to sit and watch the world go by, just waiting to be a part of this life someday. 

By the day, the city scape is not so pretty. I was a tad disappointed. Mostly constructions and refurbishing buildings. But once the sun sets, there is some dramatic sunset and very pretty scenes. There is the Statue of Liberty against the setting sun. Then there is the beautiful Manhattan Skyline. And then there are friends and food and drinks.


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