Disney, an experience!

Definitely, Disney is an experience. Not and attraction. Maybe it was an attraction when I was a kid. To realize that childhood dream after two long decades including the loss of childhood and dawn of adult priorities, it made no difference in the innocent hand waves to Mickey Mouse on the Disney parade. That's really what Disney World does to you. Makes you "Celebrate your Dreams come True".

Genie of Aladdin

Up in the Air - Cinderella's Palace

The Disney Parade happens once an hour or few times a day. This is the best experience for you see all the Disney characters ever created, all those cartoon characters you grew up with walking around you and shaking hands with kids. I just magically transformed to a 5 year old and waved at Mickey Mouse with all my hands and shook hands with Pluto.

The evening parade is an electrical parade and just as fascinating. All characters and carts are lit up with colorful serial lights. Every filler girl looks like a Disney Princess. Overall, the experience is amazing and will engage you thoroughly irrespective of your age.
Cinderella in Pumpkin carriage


  1. Super kewl..I missed disneyworld at paris :( they said we need atleast 2days to enjoy the experience...mickey,pluto and donald..sigh!..miss them

  2. I felt the same when I visited Paris Disneyland. :)

  3. I have a great Disney experience too and I really have a lot of fun. I have no kids and I'm with my friends. Someday when I get married and have kids I will probably bring them there. Anyway, if you plan for a long Disney vacation better have Stroller for twins .


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