LA, We are going to LA!

That was my happy jingle just a few days before going to Los Angeles, a city I ha heard so many glamorous things about. A city which is so multi-cultural. A city with beautiful beaches and chilled people. Of course, they are all true. Traveling in USA means people driving to places, own cars or rental cars. But drive is the mantra. When you are not driving and want to rely on public transport, America lags behind Europe and even Asia. Some major cities like New York city and LA do have reasonably well connected metro system but the loop holes in most cases are far too many. This is a tiny list of things to check off while you need to rely on public transport in LA. 1. Buses run often, but after business hours, they run once in 15 minutes. Download the IPhone app Move on Bus to get real time info on the buses nearby and track yourself to the stop Buses to the Venice beach have a travel time of like 1 hour. Even drinking in LA traffic is miserable. But The beach is worth visiting. 2. Buy a day pass of $6 if you plan to do more than one bus or change bus/ train. Or you will be putting in $2 for a single ride. 3. If you are traveling to/from the airport, there is really no information desk or staff to help. Approaching anyone you see is not a option in US. So have a plan. Keep the day pass ready to get to Union station. But you need a $7 ticket on the airport shuttle. It is not a part of LA metro. 4. If you plan to only fly in/ out on a day (early morning, night flight), get a single way ticket. Day pass is going to be a waste. You. Any use it on the airport shuttle. 5. It is tough to save money and still travel around in LA. California is expensive. But serious planning can save you a bit and let you have fun as well


  1. and Seattle??? Anytime for Seattle??

    1. Awww, I missed Seattle this time. Maybe next time I am back in US ... Did my painting make it to any of your walls?


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