Hetch Hetchy

One of the places I always wanted to do was Yosemite National Park. Actually, National Parks in USA amuse me. Contrary to the concept of America being devoid of much natural beauty as compared to other continents, I have always believed a few national parks to be specially, uniquely natural. And Yosemite just proved it by being my first national park in USA.

Choosing the north-west rim of the park was a good idea for me. It was closest to Hetch Hetchy Dam/ Reservoir. This place HHy (that's how it is pronounced), is amazing. The end of April, when I visited was just before the Spring season opening of most parks after winter. And, ofcourse, a very rainy-foggy day. But despite it all, braving the weather was the best thing me and my partner did. Hetch Hetchy has 4 waterfalls just as you enter and two of them will almost blow off your mind (that is if you are a national park first time like me).

Things to See / Things to Do
Hetch Hetchy dam.
What amazed me is how John Muir planned the use these resources to hold them in a damn and provide drinking water all the way down to San Fransisco. That is 3 hours by road.

Hike to Wapama falls
When you enter Hetch Hetchy, you park and walk along the damn. That will give you the view of 4 waterfalls, all pooling in and flowing down into the dam.
Hiking to these falls is the fun part. It is a beginner trail and agreeably the best thing to do on a clear day. The area is high on bear attacks. Don't carry food openly and follow all the safety measures.
On this 6 or 8 mile trek, there the walk through a tunnel, walk into the forest along the reservoir and walk along each of the 4 waterfalls.

Hetch Hetchy on a foggy day


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