Live Comparison Guide - Part 1

.. ofcourse, this is just based on my experiences in living in different places. Hopefully, this series will help me look back and gain from experience., and help my readers with my two cents.

Disclaimer: When I refer to Asia, it would mean Singapore (where I lived), India (where I lived for a long time) and metros of developing countries., KL, Manila, Jakarta..

I wasn't even talking about hot meals and cold cuts. But in my own opinion, home-bred Asians prefer hot food for any meal and an average Westerner would be content with cereal and cold lunch. That's where it all springs off.Without being judgmental or racist, I happened to notice a few differences

Rojak, a sweetish Malay appetizer in Singapore Hawker stalls

It is cheaper to eat out in Asia. Big cities are different and cost more. But in general there are lots of places serving fresh food for low cost in Asia than in the West. Weather is a big factor. When it is mostl warm, people sit out, stand out (in fast food joints) and prefer it. A single lunch in India is $1 and in Singapore is $2- $4.
People eat at home more often in the US. One of the reasons is weather. Its easier to make omelettes at home than brave the knee high snow. Simplest sandwich lunch is $6 in the US, which can be a bummer for daily eaters.

Airport Food
The first and most prominent difference I noticed is food. You land in a new country, hungry from long flight and nothing makes you feel good like food. The best place for airport food is Singapore. I always felt there were choices of cuisines. Singapore being a single city country/island., it has just a international terminal with lots of choices at any time of the day.
Many major airports in USA seem to have less choices in terms of food and nothing gets worse than having no food when on a long flight.

I am just doing a color coding for preferences, maybe its more of a Availability / Ease v/s Cost chart
Regularly to Eat out - Asia USA Euope
Fresh meals availability - Asia Europe USA
Ease of Fine Dining - Asia USA Europe
Cook at home - Europe USA Asia
Super Market meals - Europe USA Asia