Live Comparison Guide - Part 2

Continuing this series, from own experiences of living in the East and West , I have the second episode

Times Square, the mecca of New York shopping
It had to be shopping. I can think of plenty of things but can't think of anything better for this time. On my first trip to Europe, a major part of my agenda was to shop and revamp my possessions. Or atleast revamp the priority of my possessions. And so started the never-ending hunt for deals...

As I have seen, people in the US love to hunt for deals and buy stuff. That is a concept catching fast in developing countries in Asia. But I still find the middle class and above in Asia, are ready to make quicker purchases without having to hunt for deals. For instance, people look for Black Friday deals in USA for months before Thanksgiving and yet a very few people end up with the kick-a** deals.

In Singapore, I have seen people walk into an apple store and walk out with a Mac book or iPad. And I am not kidding. In Kuala Lumpur, I have seen almost every woman walk out of a mall with shopping bags.

In a European Flea market, I picked a great masters Art book for 1 Eur and 25 cents. I haven't yet found a better deal. Flea markets in Goa, India are more fo the fancy of a Western concept with prices way higher than the value. Just to prove a fancy concept of the Western Flea market.

My Take: When compared to the cost of manufacture in Asia, the margin gets lesser for Asia pricing. A lot of times, the sales in Asia give a small percentage like 10-50% discount. The non-deal-hunting shopping could just be a result of people not caring about that 100 Rupees or S$10. Seems like to some good money, but locals don't seem to care a lot.

Asia -  Local produce Branded/ Mall Sale Flea Markets

Europe  Local Produce Sale Flea Markets Branded/ Mall

USA Sale Branded/ Mall Flea Markets Local Produce