Living in Norwood, MA

Norwood, Massachusetts is South of Boston and located pretty close to some big businesses. One big employer is Reebok in Canton, which is the next town. Analog Devices has a set up in Norwood. I have seen lots of Indians around Norwood since the time I moved here and most are IT contractors for big software projects around here. Some information on living in Norwood

Housing: is not super cheap. For Massachusetts standards, Norwood has fairly lower rental rates. From what I know, Norwood rents are cheaper than the nearby Canton, Quincy and Dedham.

Public Transport: is bad. If you are traveling to a nearby office, the best thing to do is drive.
The Commuter Rail passes pretty close. two stops are Norwood Central and Norwood Depot which are close to Norwood downtown. Some communities provide a shuttle to the train station.

There is just one bus route for all Norwood. 34E runs along Washington street. The good thing is it goes to Dedham mall. 34E stops on the street parallel to commuter rail station.

Shopping: There are a few strip malls in Norwood. I have been to the one in East Wapole on Boston-Providence highway.
Dedham has Legacy Place, which is a very nice open air mall, great place to hangout in summers
Natick mall is a 20 min drive away, pretty classy and has a wide range of brands.

Grocery: Norwood has a Walmart, Stop & Shop and Home Depot in 3 mile radius of the downtown. But you need to drive to get to any of these places. For Indian groceries, there is Shiva Bazaar. Big store with good selection.

Eating Out: There are a few good places and many of the chain restaurants. I have seen IHOP, Friendlys, Five Guys etc.
I liked Minerva for Indian food. Seema's is a Indian restaurant as well, not too popular though.


  1. After south east Asia, i suppose the traveller in you is exploring America. :) Keep travelling!!


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