5 Great hangouts in Gokarna

All my trips to Gokarna have been either instant plans or wild idea to get on the beach that landed me to Gokarna. And I am glad they all worked out. Some of the beachside cafe's have been my favorites right from my first visit in 2007 and through all my visits till 2010.

1. Namaste Cafe, Om Beach 
Om beach is the most popular beach and what once was a hippie hangout is now slowly getting legitimized to be welcome families as well. Namaste Cafe is right at the beginning of Om beach and very well accessible by Car and auto rickshaws. If you plan to hike up the cliff from Gokarna town, it is the first cafe you come to as well. Apart from being easily accessible, I like the part of Namaste where they have locals running the show and yet very open to foreign and local tourists. It is the first place I stayed at and loved the relaxed ambiance around the cafe.

2. Prema Restaurant, Gokarna town
Most people who head to Gokarna, go there for the relaxed beach spirit and rarely for the small town or the temple town ambiance. From all my trips, I have leaned to appreciate both. The temple town ambiance is just as friendly when you sit around a huge table, along with strangers and make small talk over a cup of Indian Chai. If it is not the Chai or local food thali, you can still order a Pasta or the North Indian Alu Gobi and they will serve it to you. I would appreciate the slow pace of a small town and their hospitality to serve tourists.

3. Shiva Guest house, Kudle beach
When I visited in March, during the Shivaratri weekend, every place was overflowing but Shiva had a dormitory style accommodation, which I found very amusing. It is definitely not for the city dwellers, maybe a super low budget Northern European could sleep there. But the good part of this guest house is their yard, they have no table chair for their restaurant guests but diwan style bed and bolster seating. You can sit around all day playing chess or a board game or walk in early morning for free Yoga sessions going on.

4. Ganga Cafe, Kudle beach
If you are trekking up the cliff from Gokarna town, Ganga is the first cafe you arrive at on Kudle beach. It is at a mezzanine height, between the beach and cliff top. The views from their balcony cafe show the entire length of the Kudle beach and sunsets are almost magical when you can eat their Nutella pancake and look at the changing colors of the sun, sea and the sand.
5. Ol' La Pizzeria, Kudle beach
One of the first places to open for the winter season and among the last places to close for summer. The cooks are Nepali but make some of the best wood oven- thin crust pizzas. Even if you are a home-bred Italian, you should give a shot to these pizzas. Apart from pizzas, it is the high terrace you sit at and stare at the beach all day long with occasional smoothies, that make this place a great hangout!


  1. Thats a nice list. Been to Namaste cafe only and never wanted to return from there.


    1. yeah, agree. I loved it in Gokarna

  2. On my wishlist. Thanks for all the recos!!

  3. Om Beach is a lovely place. Namaste cafe is good. Thanks for sharing the info.

  4. That looks so idyllic! Those are breathtaking photographs. You just put Namste Cafe on my must-visit list.

  5. Pictures and content have come out really great. Gokarna is great place blessed with abundant nature and rain. Being 4hrs from my hometown, never explored so much till date :-). More than hangout I suggest to visit Apsarakonda waterfalls and beach near Honavar, Yana and Vibhuti waterfalls which are within 100kms radius from Gokarna.

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