Germany Go-Green's

I dont know if it is just Germany or all of Europe but the green initiatives here on a daily basis is commendable. But, it could get irritating at times. Let me explain..

You dont put all your trash into one huge trash bag and throw it out at the end of two days. You have to segregate the trash.

Put all recyclable trash into Yellow bags. There are collection days once in 2 weeks. Put the bags out of your building.

Bio waste like food remains, etc.. goes into Green bags. And there are Green bins in the common trash dumping area for these green bags.

Everything else goes into Gray bags. This is non recyclable materials, plastic, paper etc.. And ofcourse to be dumped into Gray bins only.

Bigger plastic waste like my US make coffee maker which fried in the 220V need to be taken to re-cycling centers and not just dumped into bins.

And then you have all the recyclable glass containers. Just take them to a supermarket and get a refund for recycling. Like 20 cents per glass container. Not bad eh?
For non refundable glass bottles like wine bottles, find the recycling bins. Drop them in color coded bins. Green wine bottles in green bin, red in red...

On a stressed out day if you want to just dump trash and not bother, sorry, you are in the wrong place!


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