Live Comparison Guide - Part 3

Public transport
Commuter Trains in USA
One of my favorite topics of discussion. I tend to criticize almost every place for its connectivity. But right under my nose, is Singapore, the tiny little super well connected island. The strict control on owning automobiles doesn't pinch you because any place you want to reach is really well connected. Places in the heartland are at a maximum of few minutes walk from a bus/ train station.
I will give a thumbs up to India for the largest employer, the Indian Railways. Never been much of a train traveler myself, but when I take the train, I am glad to be chugging along with half the country.
Trains are really good in Europe and the best way to travel.
The worst has to be USA. Though a few big cities like New York have very good metro system, hardly can you survive in any of the heartland towns without a car. It is almost a must own in USA.
The roads a very well laid out and some of best to drive. You can buy a used car for few thousand dollars and petrol/ gas is not more expensive than public transport like taxi. Taxis are affordable in Asia and a very common mode of transport for locals.
If you care for a Jitney, random cities have it. $2 per ride

ASIA --> Train / Bus/ Taxi/ Tuk Tuk / rent a Car

Europe --> Train / Bus / rent a Car / Taxi

USA --> rent a Car / Train / Bus / Taxi 

Commuter rail which connects suburbs to the cities are expensive. But again it evens out considering driving to the city and paying to park. Europe Rail costs grand bucks to travel between counties in Europe.  And cars are super expensive in Europe.

My two cents - If I were traveling, I would rent a car in US and completely rely on Eurail in Europe and local transport in Asia.


  1. Love travelling on trains. Especially the long Indian train journeys.


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