Photo: Up in the Air

Location: Tuolumne Grove,
                Yosemite National Park,

View: Look up the Giant Sequoia trees. The Giant Sequoia's are easily 300 feet high and have like a 20 feet diameter. Huge! That's the word. When you look up in a near 90 degree angle to see its top, you see more sky than the top. And an occasional flyer who zoomed past.

My Two Cents: The West Coast of USA has many National Parks and Yosemite is one of the most famous, by means of its Accessibility, Beauty and definitely Hype. It is beautiful, but hyped up as well. And hence the high price to visit. Once you visit, you will not repent it!
When you visit, opt fot a small trek through the sequoia groves. These are the best attraction of the place.
Tours are often run by hotels, guest houses are cost anywhere between $100-$250 a day to cover a few spots in the Yosemite valley. Even the lowest priced tour will leave you in awe. 


  1. nice click.. it is very easy to rent a plane and fly there. in India renting even a car on self drive is a painful process

    1. It is really the cost that pinches in India. But when you compare fixing your car for damages from the road, it probably evens out

  2. Good Yeah. People who visit CA should check out the Redwoods. They're super tall and super cool, right? A couple of years back, we done a steam train trip into redwood forests near Central coast of CA.
    We have another Redwood trip planned. Can't wait!! :)

    1. Hey, this is still Yosemite. Just the trees are red wood I guess...


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