Tourists Only

This tri-cycle is so evidently shouting "Tourists Only". Standing in the Haupt Market Square, a couple of tricycles wait for tourists everyday to show them around the old town area. It is easier for them to cycle around the 2-3 km radius of old town area.

The only tough part is uphill to the Nuremberg / Nurnberg Castle. These tricycles are small and cute in a very European quaint way. They have a top cover against the sun and a windshield for the driver or the peddler. And these operate only in Summer. Ofcourse, I can't imagine tricycling in snow :(

My Two Cents
I would say take a tour for the first time visitors. If this is your first time in a small European town, it could be fun.
It could be a bit heavy on the budget traveler, fret not! That's why you are in a "Small European Town". The old town area is definitely walkable and a pleasurable walk too.


  1. That looks interesting.

  2. Niranjan says, that IS pretty interesting. I like the fact that it protects from the sun. Love the big glass in front -- perfect for some sight seeing. Are they just called Tri-cycles?

    Sneha, You've got a great blog too. I'm gonna be regular around here. :)

    1. Thanks D.
      I am not sure if they have any other name. I was thinking Tri-cycle all the while. Yeah, even I thought the glass and sun protection is super cool :)


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