Walking the Cobbled path

This post is totally about Europe. The old European cities actually. And it is about How I started walking pretty? Moved to convenient and finally went flat!

The wedge shoe cobble pattern
Wedge heels

 Smooth cobbles for a smooth walk. That's why I thought, I could try wedges or platforms.

I tried walking. That was tough. But I tried..
The flat shoes cobble pattern
 Oh, Please! Are you thinking of pretty shoes?

Lets call this Stiletto patterns
Still better. I walked in stilettos. Yes, I tried those. Not the best, but to get there was tough.

Check out the patterns of cobbles


  1. I've done that many times. My first experience was walking in stilettos and slowly I learnt the lesson. :)
    But cobbled paths are awesome. :)

    1. They are initially all amusing, I guess I am over them now :(
      I so miss flat roads near my apartment. Maybe I'll write to the heritage authority to have a parallel road in tar :P

  2. That's a fun post. I was gonna write about the footwear that's taking me around these days.
    Pretty shoes, btw. Absolutely love the black one.

    1. Thanks :-D
      I love the black one too. haven't been using it much obviously, but I will soon , thanks to your compliment...


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