An offbeat trip to Lake Brienze in Switzerland

Summer time in Alps is the dream of almost everyone i know. And this summer, we did just that. Drive from the Nurnberg, Germany to Interlaken, Switzerland. The drive was through rains all evening and to rightly put it, you an never plan Switzerland or any mountain area in Europe by exact dates. The best thing would be to have a few days and take it by the best weather day.

Brienzersee or lake Brienze is the beautiful lake enveloped by the Alps all around. The color of the water a beautiful turquoise, I believe, owing to the reflection of the beautiful and tall green mountains around. On a clear day, it is heaven to pack a light lunch and picnic by the lake.

Cut the expenses, picnic instead!
There a lots of panoramic view points along the motorway and most have picnic benches as well. All you do is carry some brunch/ lunch and enjoy the view for free. No need for expensive restaurants along the lake side, even there happen to be.


  1. That is such a beautiful lake. Nice shots Sneha.

  2. Awesome place..

    Good to see you explore the entire world!



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