Summer Festival at Herzo

Herzogenauracher Sommerkirchweih is the name of the Summer Festival. Not much to explain in the name itself. What I felt very striking in Europe is the idea of Summer festivals. Of course, for a continent that mostly sees harsh winters, anything in the sun and warmth has to be a reason for celebration.

Sommerkirchweih happens in July every year. Almost every town has its own summer festival where the local breweries come together and thrown in gallons of beer. Germany! what do you think?
It happens in a local playground or common park with lots of benches and tables arranged close to each other, some canopies for shade and lots of beer  and food stalls.

Handling liter mugs of beer effortlessly..
Something I still wonder about German bartending girls. They handle a few liter mugs of beer in each hand and deliver so effortlessly. I needed 2 hands for my single liter mug.

lined up seating
 The benches have an advantage. No privacy!
I would think the concept is, If you need privacy, go to a restaurant! But in a beer festival, people drink, come closer and talk; to strangers and friends alike. Friendly as ever...

The band playing sets in some ambiance. Some local stalls nearby sell candy, sweets and local marzipan. Marzipan is so lovely and suites my taste, except, all this while I loved it with out knowing the name. It is the sugar and almond sweet, if you are confused as well.

Langos is the common food

Filling as ever
Bread, toasted and crusty, topped with tomato sauce, parsley and cheese; sometimes mayo and sour cream

Herzo Kirchweih happens in July mostly. For next year watch this