Why you should visit the Crooked Street?

There are plenty of reasons for it. I will going to give you a short list of why I loved the Lombard street a.k.a Crooked street in San Francisco.

1. Visiting the Crooked street in San Francisco means you get a chance to see how steep a ramped street can go. And secretly compare it to your own city. Don't forget to see how the city buses stop at traffic lights on the ramp up while vehicles happily cruise the perpendicular streets. This is just on the way up to Lombard street.

2. Count eight steep hairpin curves. We have seen hairpin curves on mountains. But in the middle of a city? And hairpin curves placed so close ?

3. Some serious city-adrenaline-action . I mean it! Alternate view between the curves and the pacific.
When my friend was driving the hairpin curves, I was totally enjoying the view ahead seeing the pacific and white houses along the hilly region. What amused me is, this is one of the busiest cities in the world and not a quaint European village.

4. Climb up the stairs to the top. Do some people watching along the way.. Everybody enjoys the hairpin curves with different reactions. It is one of the best places for people watching.

5. Rent a tricycle for the ride down. Go touristy! It is fun to be a tourist sometimes. Given this is already a tourist hotspot, you might as well enjoy the tricycle rise downhill along the hairpin curves!


  1. Interesting Street.


  2. Interesting place, right? I have a post on Lombard too. :)


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