3 Things to do in Munich for Free

1. Walk around Marienplatz . Yeah, just walk. There are plenty of historical monuments, Church of the Lady, Jewish Synagogue, the Marienplatz church bells sticking at the stroke of the hour. All these are fun. The restaurants and beer gardens around this area are super expensive and totally avoidable.

2. Picnic in the English Garten. On a sunny day, that's probably the best thing to do in Munich. On any other day, take a jog/ run around the English Garten running trails.

3. Catch a German band play. This is really old school. The men are dressed in old school checked shorts and playing traditional blow horns . But the music really has the right beat and is totally feel-good music. The mean usually play in an around beer gardens. So chill with a jug of beer and get the authentic music for free!


  1. That was a little peek at Munich. :)
    That's a very cute picture - of those musicians in shorts.

    1. I agree. The old boys look so sweet playin it :)

  2. Words to be read and digested

  3. You have taken some cool pictures of a great city there. We are keen to head over and see some German christmas markets this winter and we were worried that it might be too expensive to stay in Munich for long. You have given us some ideas for things to do which should help us spin out our budget that bit more. I also heard that there are some free walking tours of the city


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