5 Off-Beat Things to do in Amsterdam

1. Go Dutch

Yes, please pay for your own food. But this time, I mean Dutch food. I tried the Dutch pancakes over the usual European desserts I love. And I totally loved them. Dutch pancakes are tiny coin like cakes, served with syrup and topped with sugar. They are delicious and a definite recommendation from me.

2. When in Holland, be a Biker!

Rent a bicycle is probably the best advice anyone gave you when you visited Amsterdam. I go by it. Except, I would skip the touristy inner city of Amsterdam which is walkable. My friends did a bike tour from Amsterdam to Harlem, 20 kilmeter ride. The two hours that you might cycle will pleasantly surprise you with bicycle tracks along the highway. Worth a shot, in my opinion.

3. Vondel Park

It has got to be on your travel itinerary. And very justifiably is.
Vondel Park is in the heart of Amsterdam and the biggest public park in Amsterdam. Around it are the most famous Van Gogh Museum, Rijks Museum and some more museums.
The interesting part about Vondel Park is to see Dutch life pass by. Put on those running shoes and take a jog in the mid day. It is lovely to see the locals jog it up and live their life in this wonderful park.
Also, there are plenty of public events for free during Summer at the Vonder Park Open Air Theatre.

4. Paint-Perfect Still-life

The landscape of Amsterdam amuses me each time. Life around canals and alleys is quaint, beautiful and charming. Warm and sunny or Cloudy and breezy; the still life around canals is perfect to paint. This time I saw many artists set up their easels and paint by the canals. It was a cloudy and rather dull day. Yet, the landscape looked perfect and beautiful to paint.
The skyline of Amsterdam has Chapels, Medieval towers, canals, boats and bicycles. The combination of these seems just great for artists. I am out of adjectives but I love the idea!

5. Spray Paint from Waterloo Plein Flea market

That seems like a dirtbag. But the best deals are often found on weekdays when everyone is busy at work and shopkeepers are tired of tourists photographing them. Waterloo Plein is walkable or cyclable from any point in the Amsterdam city and the rows of flea market have a variety of junk items.

Amsterdam being a place that always supported art, spray paint is one of the widely sold items at the flea market. Look for graffiti designs on the city walls. Buy some spray paint and try it on your wall. How's the idea?


  1. Interesting list of things to do in Amsterdam. Nice post Sneha.


  2. Marvelous post....

  3. Let me add... one can visit the Flower market one of the best flower markets in the world. You get some of the most exotic plants including Cacti there.


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