Bamberg Day Trip: 5 things to do in Bamberg

1. Sculpture garden at the Dom Platz. the platz is a huge square and undoubtedly one loaded with hsitory of Bamerg. Sound and light show happens during the warmer months as well at the Dom Platz.

Sculpture Garden by Domplatz
2. Medieval graffiti at the burg. The old town area has a historic arch leading into the town. This arch is painted on both sides and on the outer side is the Danube, almost like a protector to the town that the arch encloses.

3. Bicycle along the cobbled roads. After living in Europe I would take this for granted and it almost like every European tourist from nearby cities would strap their bicycles along to a trip. So fear not to rent a bicycle and ride along the beautiful cobbled bicycle paths.

DomPlatz, Bamberg
4. Pick a bakery on a Haupt strasse. Haupt means main in German. Any street with a Haupt pretty much implies a local special. So this time we picked a bakery onHauptwack strasse and didn't go wrong. The german cheesecakes looked like the very best in the world.

5. Smoky beer. Bamberg is famous for smoky dark beer. Every street , almost every, has an age old brewery with smoky beer. This has got to be a must-do , although I was warned the taste has got to be an acquired taste.
Graffitied walls on the Arch