Tips for visiting Sea World

A beautiful place for kids and adults alike would be Sea World. I have been to Sea World in San Diego, USA and can talk for it. Weather you are a fan of water animals, tourist in USA or visiting with kids in holidays, there is always something in the amusement park that will amuse you. Although, I feel, after visiting a bunch of amusement parks, the amusement and excitement seems to fade, but a little part of you that's a kid, will love the experience.

There are lots of little time and money saving tips I discovered on my trip

1. Buy the day ticket on Discount
I bought my ticket on and saved $10 per day ticket, which is $65. So why not pay less when you can?

2. Don't fall for the multi-day pass
I feel Sea World is lovely and a complete excitement for kids in summer. But for 4 days, there is really nothing to keep them occupied. Unless you plan to stand in the queue for 4 days. IMHO, I would do a day or two maximum. It is not about paying less per day but standing in lines in peak season that gets to you.

3. Visit on the weekday
No brainer here, but the best idea to beat crowds. I am not sure if it works for people taking kids, but definitely works if you are visiting as a tourist.

4. Do the best shows first
This has been the best advice I follow till day. When you keep the best shows for the end, there is nothing but tiredness and the obligation to finish it and leave. Might as well enjoy Shamu show as soon as you enter, than wait for the last show and be desperate enough to run out to beat the parking crowd. 


  1. Haha ... I was there a couple of weeks ago. It was wonderful! Did you go for Manta?!


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