DOs and DONTs that matter in Goa

So you are all set for a year end holiday in Goa? And you know no place can beat Goa when it comes to Christmas and New Year celebrations? I agree and give a thumbs up. My all time favorite destination to relax and let off steam is north Goa and every time I visited, I found the same chilled ambiance. However, over the years, the constant change has been me. Here's what I would urge anyone to beware of:

1. Don't ill treat the locals: We all go to Goa for tax-free liquor. As compared to moral policing in most towns, the accepting nature of Goans makes it easier to let down your hair and party. But they are people too. But anyone running a bike rental or bar is not doing a dirty business and doesn't deserve to be abused and bargained for dirt. They might hike prices. But remember the holiday season when they work to make a living.

2. Drugs are not easy : Everyone knows this. Drugs are not good! Ofcourse, every other youngster who heads to Goa has an extended interest and there are always some locals who fuel this. But the police are smarter than you think. Fooling around could cost you at any time. Better be safe than sorry. Go for the Fenny instead!

3. Rent only rental bikes/ cars: This is a must! During the holiday season, locals can get carried away by extra cash and rent you their own vehicle. Getting caught with a private vehicle without proper papers can cost you a huge fine. Rent a black-and-yellow number plate vehicle.

4. Never mess with a foreigner: Never mess is the Mantra.
A lot of holidayers assume bikini clad women are free for sex. Ofcourse not! Whatever gave you that idea? If you are caught by police or even the bar owner for messing with their business, I am guessing you take a good beating by 4-5 stocky men.
DO : Enjoy a view!

5. Locals are right: just like the customer is always right. Don't fight with the locals for a few tens or hundreds.

6. The liberal police can be very strict too: Just because alcohol is cheap, it is not funny to drink-and-drive. Goan police are usually liberal with holiday crowd because it is the main revenue of the state. But once you are caught for drunken driving the fines are easily Rs.1000 and above. Don't pay the fine or don't drink above the limit. Tough one, I agree

7. You can never go wrong with Fish curry-and-Rice: This is the best local food and when eaten in local restaurants/ home-meals, gives the real flavour of Goa. Enjoy!

DO - Coacktails and Fenny


  1. I second all those points Sneha.

  2. Great tips. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. A timely post. And rightly said. :)

  4. It is long time, since I had been to Goa.

  5. Hi Sneha, thanks for this note. Dispels quite a lot of wrong notions of people.
    points 1 and 4 make absolute sense and are most important points, in my opinion.
    Thanks for sharing the info Sneha.
    Keep it up.



  6. I have never been to Goa. But it tops my " must visit soon" list! Will remember your pointers then! Thank you!

    My world, my thoughts, my musings...

    1. thanks for visiting. you have a lovely blog

  7. planning to have a trip to goa...a really helpful one .

    1. enjoy your trip. thanks for visiting

  8. Good, I'll keep the advice in mind. I'm planning to visit Goa.

  9. Informative but equally true for pondicherry too!

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