Lebkuchen Fest

Nürnberg is the called the Lebkuchenstadt , meaning Ginger bread city. There's tons of finger grown in the Franconian region in Bavaria. Ginger bread Is the local special.

Lebkuchen Fest happens in the beginning of November or beginning of Winter. There are lebkuchen stalls selling Gingerbread cookies, mostly in the shape of hearts bearing the words "Ich liebe dich" : I love you !

The festival has stalls selling hot chocolate with cream and Macaroons and Marzipan cookies, a very Nürnberger favorite!


  1. That place must smell so delicious when the festival happens. :)
    I'm reminded of the Garlic Festival here in Gilroy.

    Btw, Sneh -- how's Ich liebe dich pronounced?


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