Christkindel Markt of Nuremberg

Why should you go to the Christkindel Markt of Nuremberg? What is special in the Christkindel Markt at Nürnberg? Of course , it is the most famous event for the city of Nürnberg. Every year thousands of tourists flock Nürnberg in the freezing winter of Germany to see this special event.

Christkind is a beautiful blonde girl of 16 in Bavaria. Loads of local teenagers contend for the coveted Christkind position and one Nürnberger girl with natural "blonde " hair becomes the Christkind. The official opening ceremony of the Christkindel Markt happens on the first of December and snow or shine, te opening is a grand ceremony with the Christkind on top of the Frauenkirche ( Lady's church ) in the Hauptmarkt ( main market square of Nürnberg ).
Thousands of people including tourists flock to see this event. It marks the official beginning of the Christmas market.

The shops are set up from two weeks and open to full business for the next month, till New Years .

Glühwein is a speciality of Nürnberg. It is warm wine served in mugs. Lots of stalls serve red and white Glühwein for 3 euros a cup. It is usually made by heating wine, pouring sugar to melt and adding more wine; served warm of course. I believe this is the best way to beat the negative degrees of Bavarian winter!