Accommodation in Gokarna

Here is a list of guest houses I have contact details for. I have been getting queries on Gokarna accommodation in terms of hostels, budget hotels or guest houses. So I put together some contacts I have saved.

Kudle Beach

1. Ol' La Pizzeria : This one is a good old restaurant and guest house on Kudle beach in Gokarna. They have a few rooms to rent at the back of the restaurant. Quality of rooms is decent and they have attached bathrooms as well.
Contact : +91 9886674903 . The guy is called Darshan and speaks good English.

2. Uma Maheshwar guest house : Rooms are pretty well maintained. They have a garden in the yard as well. I haven't stayed here and can't comment on the quality. But looks good from outside. It is right on the Kudle beach, behind Ol' La Pizzeria, if you need to eat nearby. There are also plenty of beach side restaurants and beach cafes in 2-3 minute walking distance.
Contact: +91 9343596569
You can also use their hammocks to chill out near the rooms on a hot afternoon.

Om Beach

1. Namaste Guest house: Very popular guest house. It is located right at the entrance of the beach and very easily accessible by car/ auto rickshaw/ tuk tuk. The prices are slightly on the higher side for Gokarna but then you have a brick room with an attached bathroom and a shower. I paid around Rs.750 which is expensive compared to the Rs.200 accommodations on the beach.
Contact Namaste Guest house: +91 9448153643

2. Dolphin Cafe : It is right on the intersection of the Om of Om beach. Perfect location to swim along or chill on any stretch of Om beach.
Rooms here have coconut thatch roofs and most of them don't have attached bathrooms but a common bathroom. But good to use their cafe and relax on the hammocks they have for guests use. Best for budget backpackers. You might pay Rs.150-200 or maybe bargain for even lesser.
Contact number Dolphin cafe: +91 8971649042


  1. Nice list Sneha. I too stayed at Namaste cafe.

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  4. They look like those home stay ones.... very cozy and comfortable.

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  7. This is a great list.i was looming for these contact numbers.
    I called darshan from LA pizzeria...and they said wrong you know any other contact for the place?

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  10. informative post and nice captures!! Thanks for informing about the guest houses !!

  11. Gokarna is a Heaven

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  13. The name of the restaurant is Old La-Pizzeria. This has an attached accommodation as well. That is named as Sangrilla Guest House. The most unreliable accommodation in Gokarna. The owner Mr. Ganapati had promised accommodation for 6 (3 rooms) a month ago. I had called him several times to confirm the accommodation and he confirmed each and every time. I even called him just an hour before reaching Gokarna and he confirmed that the accommodation is available. But when i called him when I was just about 10 Kms from Gokarna, he says "We have given the accomodation to someone else. I cant help you now, find your own accommodation" and disconnected. I kept calling him repeatedly and to my surprise Mr. Ganapati did not even pick the call. The horror began. This was in the last weekend of the year 2013 and you can easily imagine the rush in Gokarna. We started searching for hotels/resorts in the last minute and as expected, all the good hotels and resorts were booked. Had a horrible experience and finally found a Hotel and stayed there. Since it was a last moment check in, the hotel charges were too high. Had a terrible experience with Sangrilla Guest house. Please book your accommodation anywhere else where you can trust and be at peace. They do cancellations at their own will and wish.

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