Should I visit the Venetian?

The Venetian Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas is one of the most beautiful and eventful casinos I have been to. Ofcourse, there are plenty of reasons to visit the Venetian. Here they go babies:
Gondola Ride at The Venetian
1. There is the artificial sky set up making you feel like you are always in a pleasant day. Yes, it is cool and bright at the same time. No Nevada heat temperatures, mind you!

2. Venetian has gelato stalls and as you buy yourself a scoop and enjoy it along the square in the hotel, you get a free show. An Italian parade! Yes, people dressed in European and fancy clothes will dance around you along with live music.

3. You can take a Gondola ride through their artificial canals. What more can you ask for, without even going to Venice in Italy?

4. Gamble! That's why we go to Las Vegas right?

5. Check out the shows. They are over expensive. Cirque de Soliel has some really amazing shows. Every cent of that $100 will be worth, my word for it. It ain't no Gemini circus. You sit in a 5star theatre and watch some beautiful acrobatics with theme. Worth! Blue Men show in Las Vegas is again a regular and definitely worth the money. They engage you every minute through the show and it is a party. You need to experience it. No one's leaking secrets here.

6. Drink and party. Las Vegas has a pretty blaze night life, you know...
Entertainment at The Venetian


  1. Nice! Sounds like a great holiday.

  2. I'd go for that Gondola ride. :)
    I'm yet to visit Vegas. I'll keep this mind. Thank you, Sneha.

    1. Looks great right? But I didn't go on the Gondola though, all in hope of getting the real one in Europe

  3. there's a similar mall in construction in Noida (NCR Delhi)...lets see how that one turns out!!

  4. Good information.. But I would have always prefered to visit the real Venice and not the artificial one..



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