Franconian Switzerland - Neunkirchen and Schnaittach

On a particularly sunny day in late January, I made this road trip into the Franconian Swiss or Fränkische Schweiß. Franconia is the northern part of Bavaria, in South Germany. the countryside in Franconia is famous for its stark resemblance to Switzerland. The border towns to enter Franconian Swiss region are a few and we hit Neukirchen and Schnaittach. Nothing special about these villages, very typical European villages: small Church with big bells, some bakeries, a couple of restaurants and beer gardens and maybe a school. Of course, beautiful country homes. That's about it.

Franconian Swiss!
The best part about this road trip had to be driving out of the autobahn exit to find pure European countryside, pristine as ever! Had the weather been a tad warmer, I would the be the first one to jump our for a walk in the fields. But no, January is still winter in te northern hemisphere. Nevertheless, a drive into the Franconian countryside and some fresh brewed coffee at a local bakerei made me happy as a baby!!!!

Quaint old school Beer Gardens of Franconia


  1. You get great beer around here, don't you? :)


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