Bring 'em all to Life

Why travel the world when you can get it all in once place? That seems to be the mantra of Las Vegas. 

For the rich Sheikh from the Middle East, there is the Harlem style entrance to a Casino. Ofcourse, all to gamble. But, nevertheless, you feel at home with colors and feel in heaven with all the lights!

For the Glamour crazy, there is Paris, the Hotel and Casino. They recreate an Eiffel Tower, a fraction in size to the real one; they have a Creperie in the re-created alleys of Paris and Gambling!!!

For the Style freaks, there is New York, New York! With the Brooklyn Bridge as their mascot, this business has inside the best of New York's alleys (ofcourse, they all have 'em) , bars and New York style greasy burger restaurants. Now don't tell me you get those in Mac Donalds or Burger King. They have those as well, just outside the classy hotels.

And finally, to live that dream of a lifetime, there is Venice! (you knew I would come around to Venice?!) nothin really beats the recreation of Europe in the blaze Nevada. a Gondola ride through canals with the artificially cooled Atmosphere; and some Gelato! Gamble! What more is there to life! So you still want more? Then Go Travel The World!!!!


  1. yeah Las Vegas seems to have covered the world at one place.....I wanna visit LV some is one of the few cities in US which fascinates me !!!


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