Franconian Switzerland - 2

Here's Hersbruck, another little town bordering the Franconian Switzerland . As I am on a fränkische Schweiz trail thesedays, Hersbruck seemed like a village bigger than the previous Schnaittch to explore. But I seemed to have forgotten one thing. Weather!
Hersbruck City Center

It is a make or break deal when you consider Swiss, Snow and Sun! Swiss and Sun are batter combination in my opinion :)

We visited Hersbruck after a weeklong snowfall and all the surrounding fields were snow covered. Some people like large white fields and some others large green fields. In either case, it is the natural beauty of a place that you take in.

Small town cafes are a charm to experience.

When the sun is out in Europe, irrespective of a 2 degree weather, people are in outdoor cafes eating ice cream . Now that's a spirit to admire !!!!

Hersbruck Chapel


  1. Would have loved to see some landscapes from this beautiful place..


  2. I enjoyed Schweiz weather for about 1.5 years when I lived there. Even in winter, in the wildness of winter when it's snowing for 2-3 days, one can actually enjoy the weather. Because the wind will be mild. I remember going out at 12.00 midnight to buy the movenpick icecream even during winter!


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