Stuff to do in Frankfurt

There are a bunch of them. I had this idea Frankfurt is a dull financial center in Germany. Well, the business center part is true for Frankfurt. Infact, for March, the dull part is true for all of Germany. So lets move on with life!

Frankfurt has a the lovely river Main flowing right through the city.

Why is Frankfurt called Frankfurt am Main?
Ever wondered? It because 'am Main' in German means 'at Main' or at the Main river. Ta da! That's the learning of day!

What to do in Frankfurt?
Well if you land there for a day, you can gladly walk the Zeil. Zeil is literally the high street for shopping and a Mecca for shoppers with all budgets.

Take a wall along the banks of Main river. There is the Nice Garden to sit and chill with a picnic in Summer. Or cozy cafes along the river to warm up to a cup of Cocoa in Winter.

What I heard?
Try Goethe strasse. It is the high street with the 5th Avenue of Frankfurt.
And just like Manhattan in New York City, look out for the Manhattan in Frankfurt!


  1. I know what to do when in Frankfurt :)


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