5 Offbeat Restaurants in Berlin

The simple fact that Berlin is the capital city and a super big international city beckoned us to it. With no doubt I loved the city for its air of freedom and the ambiance that radiates openness. Talking of openness, if experiencing good food is about exploring and in the end satisfying our soul, read on...

1. Keyser Soze French Romance for Ambiance
A French cocktail bar and restaurant in East Berlin. It is situated in the artsy part of Berlin, in a very quaint lane with off-beat cafes. The breakfast has a good range  of European dishes and is very reasonably priced. The interiors are quaint and ambiance is very classy. My favorite was the French Toast with Apple Soze.

Location : Tucholskystr. 33  Ecke Auguststrasse, 10117
030 28599489
Keyser Soze Bar counter 
2. Floris Class and Taste
This is for sure offbeat. It was in no recommended list but we just tried it. The cafe looks very modern although their real business is catering. Priced moderate-to-high , Floris served us the best Lenthil Soup and a great Veg lasagne. It is in a very reachable location especially if you are on the museum trail. I would say, about 200 m from Humbolt University. They also have a niche snack shop. I loved the fried snack we picked up for the road.

Location: Leipziger Stra├če,  10117 Berlin

3. Arman Mangoes of a Lifetime in Europe
Indian restaurant. Now why would an Indian go to Berlin and go to an Indian restaurant? For the brunch. Really the brunch menu, for a humble 6.90 eur, was a steal. A mix of European breakfast spread, Indian starter spread of numerous papad dips, Indian dishes and amazing desserts. Early spring is Mango season in India. Arman in Berlin served the best Mango dessert in town. Fresh mango taste, texture like a cross of milkshakes and lassi, something so addictive that I had 4 servings of it.

Location: Mehringdamm 45  10961 Berlin
030 61202919

4. Bahnmi Vietnamese Coffee and International et.all
That's an international kitchen, specializing in Vietnamese I guess! There was Vietnamese coffee in addition to the Viet food. Now that has to get some attention.  Ambiance is super modern and chic. They had a cracker pie, true to its name, made with Vietnamese coffee flavor, cookie crumbles and condensed milk. Don't miss this one! Is my humble suggestion..

Location: Same road as Keyser Soze. Rosenthaler Strasse
Winter Garden at 12 Apostle.

5.12 Apostle  Indoor restaurant sitting outdoors
A lovely Italian restaurant that is probably already in recommended lists. Why do I think it is offbeat? Just visit on a cold Berlin night( which is most of the year) and sit in the Winter garden. You have the pleasure of sitting outdoors and yet being in a warm cozy setup. Just the thought of it is so cozy to enjoy a Pizza and bottle of wine in candle light.

Location: Georgenstra├če 2  10117 Berlin
030 2010222