Did you visit the Volksfest Nürnberg

So what happens in the Volksfest Nürnberg?

I didn't even know what a Volksfest is. So Volksfest translates to Folks fest in English. Thats simple!
Anyway, this is a proper fun fair! Old school rides, candy stalls and a very German flavor to it!!!! Beer gardens! Ta da...

The lebkuchen (German gingerbread cookies, a native of Nuremberg) and marzipan stalls dominate my world. What I love about Marzipan-kartoffel is they are almond and potato mix. It sounds in exciting but it is the best sweet meat I have eaten in a while. Exactly similar to Badam Burfi from India. And as I write about it, all those glands are craving marzipan now. Graaaa

Interesting Bartenders
If the fair looks like fun, let me confirm it. It is great fun for adults and families with kids and everyone else.
The beer gardens have great ambiance and more often than not, a good rock band playing live. People are in a festive mood and all up for dancing to the super hit numbers. Gangnam style saw a major chunk get up on their benches and shake it off!

The next volksfest happens in Nuremberg in Summer. Watch out for July-August 2013!
Fun rock bank playing at the indoor beer garden


  1. hope you had a gala time. :)

  2. Seems like you had a great time.



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