Exploring the Unknown Europe

The idea when I woke up was to visit Königsee, a beautiful little town facing the mountains and a lake to boat in. But in Germany, every state and province has a town with a same name. So we went to Königsee alright but it was not in Bavaria, rather in Thüringen.

Here's the unknown!
Thüringen Natur Park is a huge conserved forest area in Germany. Ta da! Not yet a surprise? Well, the area we drove into just happened to be on top of what turns into a ski slope in winters. And in spring? It is a lovely forest area with forest walking trails marked for all levels. The surrounding landscape is the best part of this forest walk. The perfect European landscape with green hills and pine trees; and an occasional little European village or a horse ranch. That's right!!! Here's a random horse ranch I walked through this afternoon on my walk via Neustadt am Rennsteig.


  1. its awesome when we find pleasant surprises during our unplanned visits...

    wish there were more pics though of the trail :)


  2. I agree. Unplanned visits have the surprise element. But when it goes wrong, don't ask me ;)


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