Salsa Nights in Nuremberg

Nuremberg has its share of Salsa parties through the week. It's not a big city but the Salsa culture on the floor is just as good as any big city.

Every Tuesday evening is the Salsa night after 8.30 pm. The entry is 3 eur but if you reach earlier you pay nothing to enter. There are often advanced dancers. But most are there with a few good steps.

Friday evenings are happening at Bahamas. It was my first time at Bahama and the interiors of the lounge/ restaurant is so Bahama and feels amazing in a cold country like Germany. Salsa floor is a proper dance floor with all furniture moved aside and also a projector showing salsa dance. Entry free.

Enjoy!! Viva Salsa!!!!


  1. That must be fun doing salsa...

  2. Fun nights!

  3. ooh!! salsa in hitler's town..he must be turning in this grave LOLS!!

    have fun gal!!


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