Under the Tuscan Sun

I was in Pisa last weekend. Pisa Tower is really much smaller than I expected or even the last time I saw it. sometimes I think, the tourist attractions don't really live upto the hype. However, the special feeling I experienced this time was by walking straight into the Chapel. I skipped the tourist lines and sat down to pray. No queues, no noise, just me, solitude and a medieval chapel.

Under the La Torre de Pisa or the leaning tower of Pisa, I sat for a long time doing nothing but people watching. Everyone loves the same photo pose of pushing the tower. Wen they don't the pose, they copy; but it is the same pose. There is no more than posing with the tower in a stereotypical pose. I don't condemn it. I can't. I don't have an idea if any of the tourists wished to go to Italy and pose with the tower, all their lives.


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