What to do in Chinatown?

Petaling Street
Jalan Petaling or Petaling Street is the main street of Chinatown in KL. Kuala Lumpur is a melting pot of cultures. Bigger participants being Chinese, Indian, Malay and Expats. The Chinatown is a bustling area with businesses competing at every inch. They sell every item in its remake form. Nothing is original, but you get everything.

Kwan Siew Chinese temple in Chinatown, KL
 Kwan Siew Chinese Temple is the nucleus of Chinatown, atleast in my opinion. Right in the middle of a busy road, it is the quiet tempel with a huge silent yard. The perfect ambiance for meditation and prayer. And the location is really no matter once you enter the gates of the temple.

I wouldn't miss the old school Chinese art on the temple walls and the temple pillars. The bright colors are very wam and overwhelming.

Chinatown is not only popular for cheap goods and bargain hunters, t is also great for hawker stall food.  Semi-authentic Chinese food and local Malay food is available in abundance and at dirt cheap prices. 

Look out for Jalan Petaling on your next travel to Malaysia.


  1. Interesting place. I missed out on this when in KL.


  2. Do you know most of the major cities around the world has a Chinatown? In fact, when I read the title, I was not sure which city you were referring to. :) Thanks for sharing

  3. Isn't it amazing that these Chinatowns really look like a piece of China because of the way they're re-created?


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