10 things to do in Singapore in under $20

The island country, Singapore, that tops my list of favorites has tons of budget friendly activities for the interested traveller. Don't think it is 24/7 shopping by the way....

1. Waterloo street - Visit the Hindu temple, Chinese temple, Church, Buddhist temple , all along the same street. local food and little, budget friendly souvenirs that represent a real multi-cultural Singapore.

2. Little India - stop for lunch and a full Thali of North or South indian meal will cost you leas than $10. My personal favorite is South Indian meal on plantain leaf served at Lakshmi Narasimha. Mustafa Shopping Center is an experience. It is a single unit spread along 4 or 5 buildings and stretches for about half a kilometer.

Orchid Gardens, Singapore Botanical Gardens

3. Orchid gardens. I personally love Orchids. You can visit the Orchard road botanical gardens any time of the day for free. And don't miss the Orchids in there...

4. Make a Wish, Seek an Answer! at Kwang Im Hood temple. The deity is very popular and a lot of people come in to seek answers to questions. You follow the Chinese procedure with sticks. 
- ask for a brass can with sticks and Jiaobei blocks
. kneel in front of the god and shake the brass can tilting it forward, while seeking answer to a question.
- only one stick should fall out. More than one is a no go.
- toss the Jiaobei blocks. If they fall with one facing down and other up. Then your stick is the right one.
- show the stick to te Chinese man at the desk and get the English interpretation.

5. Arab street. So you are in Singapore, the melting point of cultures. May as well spend an evening at the Arab street eating falafels and baba ganoush. Meal should cost you $10. Flush it with some cocktails as you lounge around and smoke a Shisha for $15.

6. Newton food court: Hawker food courts are a speciality if Singapore. Newton has one of the biggest set of hawker stalls. the food is clean, authentic, multi-cultural and healthy. There are Chinese, Malay, Indian and Indonesian stalls along with some western food stalls as well. Start dinner at 6pm and enjoy your multiple courses all the way till 10 for best results. 

Food Courts decorated for Chinese New Year

7. Visit Geylang. It is a very authentic Singaporean area, easy access with Mrt and untouristy. Watch out for frogs in a steamboat, ( they boil frogs in the steamboat in open air cafes and eat them immediately). Try durian! It is a very South east asian fruit. you live durian or hate durian. 
If the geylang steamboats sound too extreme, try Liang Seah street. it is a more tame and hep food street with Chinese, Thai, Viet and all those things. 

8. Bukit timah or Mac ritchie trails - hike/run/bike. 50%of the Singapore island is green if you look at the map. These are the nature parks waiting to be exploited in your own style to health. Sweat it out!

Beauty in Bounty Pulau Ubin Island

9. Biking in Pulau Ubin. Take a boat ride to the 20 minute nearby island : Pulau Ubin. It costs $5. Rent a bicycle $10 for the whole day. Follow any of the bike trails from beginner to advanced in this uninhibited island (except for the army base). It is a grey fun way to spend the whole day outdoors. The sun and sweat do wonders when you bike around the island.

10. Explore the underground city from City point to Suntec City. This is the kilometer-something long stretch of shops underground. You can walk from one metro station to te other an to a bunch of surrounding metro stations by walking underground amidst an array of branded showrooms and cafes. Stip by for a pack of Hersheys or a Bubble tea and enjoy a burger on the way. This is one thing that beats all the big cities I have visited including NYC.
The Glamorous Singapore: Marina Bay Sands

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