From the Italian Rivera

Some flowers I photographed during my last trip to the Italian Riviera. We were in Viareggio, the southern most town of the Italian Riviera for a weekend. Although it is Spring, the sun was lesser than the clouds and most of the weekend was heavy rains. But that ain't not spirit dampener!
Quaint holiday homes and good old fashioned villas sporting creepers full of flowers are in every lane. The town is also well structured. roads meet at 90 degrees, I mean. Much easier to navigate your way around, unlike most old European town where the heritage lanes are preserved and they meet each other at random angles, and you end up walk in circles!

Viareggio promenade has italian cafes and Gelaterias all along the ~2 kilometer stretch. Almost all cafes serve you italian coffee and croissant/ cookies for breakfast, Pizza and Pasta for lunch/ dinner and then choose your gelato...

What makes the place a rich boys' playground is confirmed by the presence of designer brands all over the town center. I mean, how many small towns really have big brands? I have seen them in Frankfurt or Munich, not even in Nuremberg. But a tiny Viareggio has them. Like the tourism website says, you find more Lacoste clad sailors and families
A little lilac and some reds is all the heart longs for, to declare a smile and success of travel!


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