5 Things to Buy in Prague

Earlier this year, we were in Prague for a few days. Although it was technically Spring the weather was nothing but a mix of rains and snow. And thats when the shopping idea stuck like the best thing to do. Here is some unconventional souvenirs to take home

1. 3D Postcards of Prague
A postcard of Prague's historical attraction stuck in a cardboard frame and a 3D lens stuck to the frame at 1 inch. So the entire thing looks like a letter holder, fits great on a table top. Why not have it on your desk and peep through those 3D postcards for a view of Prague at any time. 
3D Postcard of Prague
2. Bohemian Crystal ware for the home
Prague is most famous for the Bohemian Crystals. The glass or crystal is coloured. And definitely very fancy. It is very high quality glass ware for vanity and home utility. But more like luxury home utility if you are getting wine glasses.

3. Take home your favorite sport team
Really! All the wooden boxes arranged are teams with player faces graffiti. And inside each box is a set of boxes diminishing in size, each having a player face graffiti. (from the same team, ok)

4. Buy Franz Kafka
Kafka was a famous Jewish writer from Czech Republic. The Kafka museum is just across the river when you cross the bridge from the city centre towards the Prague Castle.
Kafka's works from early 1900s are seemingly influential and effective on readers. If you enjoy intellectual souvenirs, you should consider buying a Kafka book or Kafka biography or Calendar.
Kafka Museum in Prague
5. Support an Artist.
Paintings in Prague
Although I am not sure if the artworks in local galleries are from aspiring Czech artists or from a sweatshop in Asia, I would still give it the benefit of doubt and support art. 
As an artist myself, I could totally appreciate the different hues and shades of Prague in these art works.
They are definitely worth a buy, as far as I am concerned.


  1. Nice post... Nice thoughts on the shopping list from Prague...

  2. wooden boxes looks cute :) And great info on shopping :)

  3. crystal wares seems to be awesum


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