Best Sights in Salzburg

Salzburg is so quaint and charming that best almost makes it redundant. All the sights in Salzburg make it a worth visit and worth view for me. The old town area is bustling with activity always and crowd is such a vast mixture of tourists, locals and students. Yes, Salzburg is a student town. The salzburg university is just across the river and very prominent to catch a sight from any of the lovely bridges . Ha! More prominent sights from the bridges are the Alps surrounding te city. And the river flowing right through the populated city of Salzburg. It gives a quaint valley feeling and yet the ambiance of a populated bustling mid sized town.

Salzburg City - Dom Platz

The city scape has a variety of decorations. The oversized man on the golden ball and a miniature woman in Red dress at the entrance of the city arch in Dom Platz is an amusing part the Salzburg city scale.

Salzburg Castle is a short walk from the Salzburg city center. You can choose to walk up to the castle on the hill top or take the cable car. Views of the city scape are pretty and have the medieval quaintness on the way to the top of the castle.

Cable car cost - 4 € return or 2€ one way. 

Salzburg Castle walls

View from the steep cable car

Best views are those that are rejoiced with full peace of mind. And that peace comes with a sense serenity of surroundings. That's what I realized when I got to the top of the castle and sat at a mountain top cafe to watch the sun set over the city of Salzburg.

Price - 2.5 € for a Espresso during Sunset
Value - Priceless views


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