Schönau am Königssee - A day trip in Bavaria

Königssee means the King's Lake. It is in Southern Germany, almost touching the border of Austria. The most appealing thing about Königssee for me is the Bartholomew Chapel set against te backdrop of Alps and a boat ride to get there.

The whole setup seems like an exotic fairy tale where a team of treasure hunters or explorers set out in a boat ( yes, us, the travelers) and travel to a remote corner of the world ( Bartholomew Chapel) , all to save a princess or find the treasure. Ah! The fairy tale really plays in your head if you visit Königssee.

Königssee is a great spot for a day trip, whether you are visiting from Germany or Austria. For hikers or Trekkers, it is even better. You can hike up any of the peaks nearby. When you hike all the way to the Bartholomew Chapel island, you can also take the boat back.
Pier at Königssee am Schönau

A typical day trip would start with breakfast at any of the quaint restaurants served by waitresses in Drindl. 

A walk in the nearby Alps area. 
Or a boat ride! It costs 13.30 eur for a round trip from Königssee to Bartholomew chapel and 16 eur for a round trip of the lake.

No water sports are permitted in Königssee as the water temperature at all times of the year is very low. In peak Summer the maximum temperature is about 10-15 degrees C on the top and the bottom of the late is 4 degrees. No Swimming! 
koenigssee  (c)Sneha Divakar
Bartholomew Chapel seen from the boat
The area with Bartholomew Chapel has no restaurants or picnic spots. It is very clean, so please maintain if you plan to carry a picnic lunch. 

Also, if you plan to trek up, there are camping areas. Not sure about restaurants up there, but cleaning up your picnic tracks still holds.

Lunch or an early dinner can be a traditional bratwurst or currywurst with fries and beer. That is as traditional German as it gets! Don't forget, you are being served by Bavarian waiters in Leder hose or Drindl, talking of exotic factors...

Enjoy a day at Königssee! More information at
koenigssee  (c)Sneha Divakar


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