Salzburg Souvenirs Shopping

Every city you visit has a unique flavor and a distinct set of souvenirs. Taking home a magnet and coffee mug can be the easiest to buy and cheapest souvenir. It doesn't say a lot about the city you visited or the memories you created with your travel. What would make a better take home souvenir or gift is a local item that says a story about the place your traveled to.

1. Take home a piece of Mozart : Salzburg is home of the great music composer Mozart. Two good places to visit in Salzburg would be Mozart Geburtshaus (Mozart's birth house) and Mozart Wohnhaus (Mozart's living house). They are in the city and now museums. You can visit them for a tour on weekdays and saturday. A great souvenir from the land of Sound of Music would be a Mozart CD or a book on Mozart.

2. Support a Salzburger : Like most European cities, Salzburg has its fair share of artists who sell their art work of Salzburg scenery. These are not very expensive. The prices start from 15 Euros and make great souvenirs and gifts. Some are also mounted with a uniqueness of the painting extending to the mounting too. All you have to do is buy a frame and hang it in your living room. It looks as lovely as a hand painted custom gift.

Buy local artist's paintings in Salzburg, Austria
 3. Take back your profile view - I saw this artist who was cutting out people's side view on a price of cardboard. It is not exact but more of your caricature. Which brings me to caricatures. European cities offer great caricature artists. If you are in the Dom Platz area of Salzburg, you should consider getting your caricature along with the Salzburg tower or the dome in the background. Imagine your caricature hanging in your living room versus a little fridge magnet of Salzburg. The extra cost if totally worth in my opinion.

4. Something for the garden.
Whether you live in the tropics or a country with snowfall, if you have a garden, it is going to be worth your effort to get these garden decorators. They also have a lamp slot. Now, think about the barbecues and evening cocktail parties and what value this piece of art can add to your home.


  1. I have a Ceramic plate with gold border, hand painted with a photo of Mozart. :-)

    Nisha - Le Monde-A Poetic Travail

  2. So you did take home a 'Mozart' :-)

  3. Nice to know about the gardens of Salzburg ! Thanks for sharing.


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