Travel Surprise: Triglav National Park

Triglav National park is the only national park in Slovenia and it came as a pleasant surprise to see such beauty in the middle of nowhere. That is right! In the middle of Nowhere.

When I planned my travel to Slovenia the only attractions were Lake Bled which is all over all of the Slovenia tourism posters and Postojna Cave for limestone deposits. But making a trip to Lake Bohinj popped up from a random conversation with a stranger in Slovenia .We looked it up the same night and the pictures were soo good that we made a plan for the next day. Our last day in Slovenia was well worth our time. The weather held up and what we had in front of us was the biggest Emerald of the Emerald Route.

Lake Bohinj in Triglav National Park
Emerald Route for first time travelers
Goriska region in Slovenia is the home of the Emerald Route. The route traverses through Triglav National park, and makes its way around the tiny waterfalls and lakes around the Soca river, which is flowing greener than ever. But is a pretty green for the most part, not a dirty green, mind it!

There are several walking routes and hiking trails in this region. And many of these hiking trails are great for basic fitness levels. The hikes are between half an hour to three hours and even in peak summer, there are very few people doing the trails.
Walk, Swim or Camp 

To Reach- If you are driving to Lake Bohinj, you would be driving 2 hours down south from Salzburg, Austria via Villach. Alternatively, you can drive from Italy on the Motorway.
Flight to Ljubljana is another option. Slovenia is a small country, so Ljubljana is the closest airport to Lake Bohinj.
Trains connect Europe better than anything else. However, if you want to use Eurail, you might want to book an over nighter till Ljubljana and take the local train and buses till Bohinjska Bistrica and then a taxi to the lake.

Food: Lake Bohinj has about 2-3 restaurants serving food and a lot of small cafes serving cola, beer and snacks. The more popular option among campers and picnicers is to pack lunch for the trip.
These resturants serve just local European food and the selection is not great. Food is still good quality and affordable.

Activities: Swimming in the lake is a great idea to spend your summer. The water is crystal clear without doubt. Temperature is warm and totally inviting a swim.

Or you can hike around the lake. There are two popular waterfalls trails around Lake Bohinj. One 45 minutes and the other is 2.5 hours. Choose your trail and get going!
Summer at Lake Bohinj in Slovenia


  1. I see you've been doing some great trips. Way to go!! :)

    1. Thank you . Yes, trying to travel a bit before the dreaded winter sets in :-)

  2. the pics are so beautiful, I can only imagine how really mesmerizing the place must have been!!

  3. Looks like an awesome place. It looks so pristine and serene.

  4. They are such unspoilt places. Your pics are very inviting!


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