Balinese Dance in Ubud

The Balinese traditional dance is a sound composition of their religious belief (predominantly Hindu), culture of Bali and mythology. This dance I viewed was in Ubud, the center of culture in Bali. Ubud town has a few shows for the traditional Balinese dance performances. The entry ticket costed me 80000 Rupiah (10 USD back in 2011)

This show is a Balinese version of Ramayana, the sacred Hindu epic. But it follows a different storyline although the plot is pretty similar to the Ramayana story we have back in India.

Below is a dance sequence where two women show contrast or a competition of idea. Different
As an Indian I found it very amusing to have the same story told in a different angle and expressed very differently. In Bali, an important character in the dance is the Balinese lion, Barong.

Barong dance is a very significant part of the Balinese dance composition. Barong fights against the monster which is a depiction of Good vs Evil (this is from wiki,... seriously I had no clue)

Five tributaries of Ganga river represented by five women. This is a common occurrence in the Indian version of Ramayana as well. Ganga or the Ganges river is feminine, all her tributaries are feminine and the representation in a dance-drama is always with dancing women.

Finally, Spend those $10 , get a seat in the open air amphi theater and endjoy your evening!


  1. I also happened to watch balinese version of ramayana in ubud, it was quite an experience!!


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